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Do you have a question that you don’t have an answer to? Biaxol FAQ section have gathered all of the necessary answers for all of your questions. Shipment options, order tracking, payment methods, 10% discounts, and order cancelation. We have answered to all of these questions.

Also, here you will be able to find all of the information regarding SARMs. Meaning of SARMs, storage requirements, form of SARMs that Biaxol Supplements sell, proper training options, and the time frame when the supplement starts to work.


At Biaxol Supplements , we send our orders from the Europe.  We guarantee fast and hassle-free worldwide delivery.

Sending all orders is simple and easy. We just include your name and address on every package. We wrap every item effectively to avoid scratches or damages throughout shipping. We partner with the most qualified delivery companies for fast delivery. As you receive the order, don’t forget to sign for it. This allows us to offer tracked delivery.

All orders are processed the same business day and will be shipped 1 day after ordering. Weekend orders will be processed on Monday. 

Yes, we highly welcome customers all over the World.

We accept bank transfer, bitcoin, PayPal and most card payments. 

For Bitcoin (Cyrpto) payments we offer a 10% discount which is shown at the checkout. This is becuase its the cheapest way for us to accept payments and has the lowest form of administration.

You will receive an email with tracking details when your order has been processed and shipped.

Such requests we consider individually, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]


Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM is a product that is chemically the same as anabolic steroids but without the negative side effects. Many SARMs are now available in the market and are becoming well recognised as the ideal sports supplement.


As with sports supplements, sarms should be stored in a good place. This means it should not be exposed to sunlight or direct heat. You must place them in the fridge. Dry sarms can be stored at room temperature for weeks, months or years. Make sure to set your ref at -20 degrees. Never get them defrosted and re-frozen.


Each of our sarms is sold in capsules. In the Blog section you can find an article "SARM Capsules or SARM Liquids - What Should You Prefer?"

No. our sarms are not reconstituted.  These also enable buyers to store them in the fridge at the right time.

Training on SARMs is no different than your regular training sessions. However, SARMs will allow your body to recover quicker allowing for more repetitions and heavier working loads. It’s also important to know what the best SARM stack is for you.


It typically takes 2-4 weeks for your SARMs cycle to start showing results.

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