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Do you have a question that you don’t have an answer to? The Biaxol FAQ section has gathered all the necessary answers to your questions: shipping options, order tracking, payment methods, information about discounts, and order cancelation.

General Questions

Find answers related to general questions about Biaxol.

 At Biaxol Supplements, we send our orders from Europe. We guarantee fast and hassle-free worldwide delivery.

Sending all orders is simple and easy. We include your name and address on every package. We wrap every item effectively to avoid scratches or damages throughout shipping. We partner with the most qualified delivery companies for fast delivery. As you receive the order, don’t forget to sign for it. It allows us to offer tracked delivery.

 Yes, we highly welcome customers all over the World.

You can follow our Instagram profile @biaxol.supplements – we are constantly updating it with our news.

For products that are not in capsule form, the measuring tool will be included with every package.


Find answers related to shipping questions or problems at Biaxol.

Shipping in the EU takes 3-7 business days. Outside of the EU, approximately 5-9 business days.

Shipping within Europe costs 8 EUR and outside of Europe – 15 EUR.

In this case we will do anything to reship you a new package.

Customs need time to do their work, it can take a couple of days up to a couple of weeks for customs to complete the process, which is outside of our control. If the package wasn’t cleared at customs, you would receive a letter. We provide a delivery guarantee, so not to worry. If your package gets confiscated, you can request either a refund or for your package to be reshipped free of charge.

In this case you can contact our support to find out further steps. We will do everything to get you your product.

Yes you can, firstly you need to return the product to our warehouse and pay for shipping again. In this case please feel free to contact our support.

Only if the package has been confiscated by customs


Find answers related to order questions or problems at Biaxol.

Yes, the first 24 hours after making your order. Contact support for this action.

You will receive an email with tracking details when your order has been processed.

There are many factors that could indicate this, but if you have any problems feel free to contact our support.

In this case you can contact our support to find out further steps. We will do everything to get you your product.

There are a few possibilities if the tracking says delivered but you have not received the package. It’s possible the package was received by someone else. Check if your neighbour, a front desk, receptionist, mailroom, doorman or colleague received the package. Couriers also sometimes drop off packages at the wrong address, street or mailbox. We also recommend reaching out to your post office to find out if they have any information. We recommend waiting a couple of days for the package to turn up, usually, a neighbour or colleague has it. If it never turns up, please get in touch with us so that we can investigate from our side and help you out.


Find answers related to payment questions or problems at Biaxol.

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or by crypto.

Unfortunately we don’t provide this option.

It could be that you have used up the limit of the code, it could be expired or it is not written correctly.

When you enter our website you will receive a possibility to leave your email and get a discount code, you can also follow our Instagram account @biaxol.supplements

Yes! We always love to hear back from our customers. It would greatly help us to improve if you could also write a review for us on Google: 

As our gratitude, send us a screenshot of your legitimate review to our e-mail and get 15% OFF coupon for your next purchase!

Sarm's Questions

Find answers related to SARM’s and their use.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM is a product that is chemically the same as anabolic steroids but without the negative side effects. Many SARMs are now available in the market and are becoming well recognised as the ideal sports supplement.

All of our SARMs sell in capsules.

Training on SARMs is no different than your regular training sessions. However, SARMs will allow your body to recover quicker, allowing for more repetitions and heavier working loads. Also, it’s crucial to understand which one could be the best SARM stack for you.

It typically takes 2-4 weeks for your SARMs cycle to start showing results.

Return Policy

Find answers related to returns.

Firstly you need to receive your order and then send it back to us. You will receive your refund as soon as we receive your order back.

Yes you can get a refund or we will send you a new product immediately.

Your refund can take up to 14 business days to process into your account once it has been done. Please wait for this allocated time before getting in touch with us.

This can take up to 14 business days.

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