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Insulin resistance is one of the main problems any athlete faces during their bulking phase, GDA Glucose Support has been formulated with DHB, Panax Ginseng, R Alpha Lipolic Acid and Bitter Melon Extract to reduce insulin resistance, effectively harness glucose and alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.


  • Optimizes Carbohydrate Tolerance
  • Promote Healthy Insulin Sensitivity
  • Supports Healthy Blood Glucose Levels
  • Helps Convert Fat Storage Into Energy
  • Inhibits Adipocyte (fat Cell) Growth

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Insulin resistance is one of the main problems any athlete faces during their bulking phase, GDA has been formulated with DHB, Panax Ginseng, R Alpha Lipolic Acid and Bitter Melon Extract to reduce insulin resistance, effectively harness glucose and alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Panax ginseng is a plant used as a restorative drug. Most of the supplements based on this substance come from Asian ginseng and its reputation is based on this stimulating effect.

The main chemical constituents of panax ginseng, called ginsenosides, are believed to have hypoglycemic action through multiple glucose metabolism signaling pathways that inhibit gluconeogenesis and lower blood glucose.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in the body and is also found in food. It is used to break down carbohydrates and generate energy. It is a fatty acid that performs functions similar to those of vitamins within the body. Alpha-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that offers protection against harmful free radicals, preventing these substances from producing any risk of deterioration, and accelerating cell aging as a consequence of oxidation processes. It is soluble in both water and fat.

This allows it to act in places that most antioxidants are unable to reach, encountering water or fat-based barriers in their path. It has the ability to act at the level of cell membrane lipids as well as in the aqueous medium of the cell cytoplasm.

Bitter Melon Extract is a vine native to India and other Asian countries. It has been traditionally used to treat diabetes. Bitter melon contains a chemical that acts like insulin to help lower blood sugar levels.

These beneficial effects are probably mediated by inducing lipid and fat metabolizing gene expression and increasing the function of AMPK and PPARs, and so forth. Also bitter melon extracts may modulate fat metabolizing kinases such as AMPKs, genes, and nuclear factors like PPARs, LXRs, and PGC-1α, in liver and skeletal muscle and affected adipocyte differentiation, also it hass been shown a decreased ApoB secretion and that it modulated the phosphorylation status of insulin receptor (IR) and its downstream signaling molecules. Insulin resistance and dyslipidemia are characterized by significant downregulation of hepatic insulin signaling as documented by attenuated phosphorylation of IR and IR substrates (IRS).

DHB, scientifically known as 2,3-methylenedioxy-9,10-dimethoxy-protoberberine, is a bioactive alkaloid found in various plants. Many of these plants, such as those from the Berberis family (berberis aristata for example), have been used in the practices of both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries.

Berberine is typically broken down into four metabolites – thalifendine, jatrorrhizine, berberrubine, and demethyleneberberine. While the four all interact with different enzymes and proteins, they seem to all act on the same mechanisms, albeit to a lesser degree than their parent compound.

Berberine is a bioactive plant alkaloid often used for its anti-diabetic effects in supplements known as Glucose Disposal Agents (GDAs) or Nutrient Partitioners. When supplemented, berberine demonstrates strong improvements in fasting blood sugar, HbA1c, insulin sensitivity, and lipid profiles in both humans and animals. Berberine has been shown to directly interact with adenosine mono-phosphate kinase (AMPK), a protein that plays a key role in regulating energy balance. AMPK activity is felt in various bodily processes, including those relevant to insulin sensitivity. In fact, berberine has been shown to increase AMPK activity, which can enhance insulin sensitivity.

Berberine increases adiponectin, a protein secreted by fat cells that influences insulin reception on a cellular level. Berberine can increase glucose uptake into fat cells. This lowers blood sugar, and helps resist ailments related to chronic blood sugar elevation.A derivative of berberine, DHB is one of 17 metabolites the parent compound breaks into during its life cycle within the body. However, the chemical structure of DHB gives it an incredible advantage – DHB is easily absorbed into the intestine, where it is then oxidized back into berberine and sent into the plasma!

The intestinal absorption rate of dihydroberberine was five times higher than berberine.

GDA stimulates the reduction of blood glucose levels and the symptoms of type 2 diabetes through different mechanisms, among them the inhibition of gluconeogenesis, the breakdown of glycogen, alterations in hepatic insulin signaling, the increase of glucose uptake into fat cells in addition to many other adaptations at the cellular level.

Europe: 4-7 Days

USA: 7-10 Days

International: 10-15 Days

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