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Caffeine Nasal Spray

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At Biaxol we are proud to present our new category of innovative products, we would like to introduce our clients to the category of nasal sprays, which can also be used sublingually or orally. Thanks to our sprays, our products can be administered nasally, through a few sprays the effective dose of the product can be reached in a few seconds. 

Nasal Caffeine is a liquid caffeine supplement in a convenient spray format, which is administered by pressing it in just a few seconds. In this way, a higher absorption speed and a significant improvement in bioavailability are achieved, having an almost instantaneous effect. Caffeine is the quintessential stimulant product and with this revolutionary form of spray administration we have managed to improve the experience and use of this fantastic ingredient. 


  • It acts almost instantly, it can even be used intra-workout! 
  • It is more effective mg for mg than the administration of caffeine by oral intake. 
  • It has a shorter half-life, allowing it to be trained close to bedtime. 
  • Doesn’t upset the stomach.

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    Caffeine Nasal Spray

    Caffeine Nasal Spray


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