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Fat burners – myths and reality.

Fat burners are one of the most used supplements nowadays and unfortunately they have been completely misused, they are very useful if used correctly, but they are completely useless if used incorrectly.

Biaxol offers its customers three effective fat burners that have been specifically formulated to be of great benefit when used correctly.

Main errors and myths about fat burners

The main mistake is to think that by using a fat burner we are already losing fat, which is a lie, to lose fat there must be a caloric deficit, and this is only achieved through diet and exercise, fat burners can help increase this deficit caloric, or once it already exists improve fat loss.

Another of the main mistakes that are made is to use Yohimbine (which is very effective for burning fat) without fasting, as explained in detail in the section of the supplement itself, Yohimbine must be taken on an empty stomach for it to take effect.
Another very common mistake is to use ineffective products or without scientific support, for example today many products are sold as “carbohydrate blockers” which, although science usually shows that they effectively block the absorption of carbohydrates carbon, this blockage is 2-3%, lacking practical relevance, at Biaxol we do not want you to be victims of marketing, so our supplements have been specifically formulated to be as effective as possible, being clinically supported.

What fat burner is more useful for you?

First of all, we recommend reading carefully what each of our products consists of (Yohimbine, ECA and ECA Xtreme), their ingredients and how they work in their respective sections of the web, then we are going to put some general recommendations.

Yohimbine: this product is focused on any type of user, whether beginner or advanced, its direct and indirect effects on fat loss are very effective, it can be used alone or combined with other products to improve its synergy, the dose and the correct way to use it is indicated in the product section itself.

ECA: this product is focused on medium or advanced users, since apart from being very effective it has a stimulating effect that can be very useful when training in harder or longer training sessions.

ECA Xtreme: Finally, this product is only focused on being used by advanced users due to the powerful stimulating effect it causes, which may not be suitable for all audiences, but surely advanced users with a greater tolerance to stimulants will appreciate the extra energy provided by the product.

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