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Yohimbine Under the Scope

This natural supplement has been increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking to trim fat. It has been one of our best sellers here at Biaxol since the beginning and it’s time to dwelve a bit into it!

Understanding Yohimbine

Yohimbine is a substance extracted from the bark of the Yohimbe tree, it become famous due to its aphrodisiac properties (yeah, it increases your libido and helps you to burn even more fat, what else would you want? It has recently caught some attention for its potential as an elite fat burner.

How does it work

Yohimbine operates by blocking alpha 2 receptors within the body. These receptors play a role in impending breakdown. By obstructing them, Yohimbine triggers the release of noradrenaline. This mechanism not only speeds up fat reduction but also aids in preserving muscle mass during low calorie diets.

Furthermore Yohimbine has been discovered to boost energy expenditure leading to its awesome fat burning properties. This is especially beneficial for individuals striving to break through weight loss plateaus and refine their body composition. 

Pros of Using Yohimbine as a fat burner

1. Enhanced Fat Reduction: By triggering the release of noradrenaline and inhibiting alpha 2 receptors Yohimbine accelerates fat burning, particularly in stubborn areas such as the stomach and thighs where alpha 2 receptors are more prevalent, this is awesome for anyone suffering with stubborn fat deposits.

2. Appetite Control: Some users note a decrease in appetite when consuming Yohimbine aiding in creating the desired caloric deficit for  fat loss.

3. Improved Exercise Performance: Yohimbine may boost exercise performance by elevating adrenaline levels resulting in increased energy and concentration during workouts.

4. Increased Energy Expenditure: Research indicates that Yohimbine raises resting energy expenditure meaning you burn calories when not active, further assisting in fat loss.

Safety and Recommended Dosage

While Yohimbine is generally considered safe with use it is crucial to follow recommended dosages and be mindful of side effects like increased heart rate, anxiety and hypertension. Starting with a dose to gauge tolerance is essential, we always recommend through customer service to slowly titrate the dose up until reaching the desired 0.2mg/kg.

Although the recommended dosage varies, most studies suggest that 0.2mg/kg of body weight is effective for fat loss without any big side effects.

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  1. I have hepatitis B. Can I use your products?

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