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Smelling salts have a reputation for their energising properties, smelling salts are chemical compounds that release ammonia gas. Traditionally those were used to revive individuals from fainting episodes but they have now found a place in the world of sports and training. 

Typically packaged in bottles or sachets users inhale the vapours emitted, the primary active component is ammonium carbonate, however modern versions may contain some substances aimed at moderating the scent or intensifying the impact… just like in our case.

How does it work?

The efficacy of smelling salts stems from their sharp odor that can trigger a physiological reaction, just like smelling your gym bro sweat but better and healthier! Inhaling the ammonia gas irritates the membranes in the nose and lungs prompting an action that stimulates the muscles responsible for breathing to operate at an accelerated pace.

When smelling salts are used they trigger a reflex that makes you take a breath raising your heart rate and blood pressure momentarily. This happens because the body naturally reacts to irritation by activating the nervous system, which readies the body for physical activity. This response, known as “fight or flight ” causes the release of adrenaline boosting alertness and preparedness. Essentially smelling salts exploit this response to give a short lived increase in mental and physical alertness.

Benefits for Training:

1. Instant Alertness: Smelling salts provide a wake up call helping athletes shake off any drowsiness before performing so they can be fully attentive from the start.

2. Performance: Some say that the sudden boost in alertness and physical arousal from smelling salts can temporarily enhance strength and power. This is why they’re popular in strength focused sports, like weightlifting and powerlifting where competitors aim to gain any edge during competitions.

3. Increased Oxygen Intake: Inhaling smelling salts triggers breathing which could potentially boost oxygen intake before performing, potentially improving muscle efficiency and endurance.

4. Psychological Boost: The use of smelling salts may also provide athletes with an edge before competing by helping them feel mentally prepared and focused on their performance.

Using smelling salts goes beyond the effects, there’s also a psychological aspect to them as well. Athletes like me for example often use them as part of their performance routine to help mentally prepare and concentrate on their upcoming task. The strong sensation can help break through any nerves or sluggishness before a competition giving athletes a boost, so… just put on your favourite song, smell some salts and hit your best PR up to date!

However it’s important to be cautious when using smelling salts. Using them frequently or incorrectly can irritate the system and their effectiveness may decrease over time as the body gets used to them.

Also take into account that sometimes the effect can be too hard and leave the end user dizzy, so use it with precaution!

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