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Melanotan Nasal Spray… tanning has never been this easy

One of the products we have been more requested about has been Melanotan, we wanted to include it to our product line months ago, but since we always try to improve things we waited until we came up with the idea of doing something new and innovative… Melanotan Nasal Spray

What is Melanotan II?

Melanotan II is a peptide that mimics the melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH), It was created in the 1980s at the University of Arizona, and it has been researched for a long time.

Researchers found that using this peptide could result in skin tanning without needing UV rays. The main goal behind developing MT II was to offer protection against skin cancer by promoting melanocyte production, which darkens the skin, but those are not the only positive effects.

How Does Melanotan II work?

Melanotan II operates by activating receptors, which play roles in bodily processes such as skin coloration, sexual arousal and appetite control.When Melanotan II binds to these receptors it triggers an increase in production leading to a sun tanned complexion. This peptide ability to imitate the effects of MSH allows it to regulate melanogenesis, the process for creating melanin and providing a shield against UV rays.

Benefits of Using Melanotan II

The usage of Melanotan II goes beyond achieving a tan for athletes and fitness enthusiasts offering a wide arrange of different advantages: 

Improved Physical Appearance: A tanned skin tone is often linked with vigour and good health, a desirable aesthetic sought after by many in the fitness (and non fitness) world.

Appetite Suppression; Melanotan II has been observed to curb appetite aiding individuals in their goal to shed body fat and maintain a trim figure, tanned + shredded… the best Summer combination!

Boosted Libido: Reports suggest that Melanotan II could increase sexual desire as an added perk.

Potential Defense Against Skin Cancer: By stimulating melanocyte production Melanotan II may provide some defence against UV rays.

Melanotan II in Nasal Spray Form: A More Convenient Choice

Traditionally Melanotan II has been given through subcutaneous injections, which may pose a challenge for individuals who’re uneasy around needles or seek an easier route of administration. Our R&D team at Biaxol has come with the introduction of MT II in nasal spray format that has made it more accessible and user friendly.

Advantages of Nasal Spray Usage

The nose passage is densely packed with blood vessels, it provides a permeable surface for substances to quickly enter the bloodstream. By delivering MT II as a nasal spray it sidesteps the system that can break down peptides and diminish their effectiveness. This direct path to the bloodstream ensures effects compared to the subq route and eliminates the discomfort linked with injections.

Convenience at Its core

Switching Melanotan II to nasal spray form brings forth different benefits

Ease of Application: Administering the solution into the nasal route is simple and can be done independently at any time without requiring help.

Portability: The small size of nasal spray containers makes them convenient to carry around promoting usage for all individuals.

Less Pain and Discomfort: For those who shy away from injection related pain and possible complications nasal sprays offer a pain free option.

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