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DHEA; How to optimize your SARMs cycle or PCT

At Biaxol we often hear the question; “How can we enhance our SARMs cycle or PCT?” Our research and development team has come up with a solution, DHEA pills.

What is DHEA?

Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA (yeah, we know, hormone names are really long) is a hormone naturally produced by glands, gonads and the brain. It serves as a precursor to both female and male sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, but also it plays a role in a whole myriad of different processes… DHEA plays a role in influencing over 150 metabolic processes in the body – quite an impressive amount! But don’t worry, I will just explain the main points. It’s important to note that DHEA production peaks in one’s twenties and gradually decreases with age, which’s why it has gained popularity as a supplement for combating ageing effects and hormonal imbalances.

How Does DHEA Work?

DHEA functions as an intermediary in the metabolic process for generating female and male sex hormones, and as mentioned before it takes part in a bunch of different processes.

Here’s how it works: it directly impacts hormone levels by converting into testosterone and estrogen based on the body’s needs.

It affects bodily functions through its interactions with hormone receptors.

Maintaining DHEA balance is vital for health and well being influencing areas, like muscle growth, energy levels, immune function and emotional equilibrium. DHEA, SARMs and PCT.

DHEA is involved in SARMs cycles and PCT by aiding in restoring equilibrium post usage of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). SARMs as our smart Biaxol readers already know are compounds that target androgen receptors in the body to stimulate muscle growth without some of the side effects linked to steroids. However it’s important for our customers to be aware that they can still disrupt natural hormone levels so a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) might be necessary… I hope everyone already knows that up to this point.

Using DHEA as a supplement during or after a SARMs cycle can help in readjusting the body’s natural hormone levels. By serving as a precursor for testosterone production DHEA assists in counteracting the suppression of testosterone that can arise from using SARMs. This aids in maintaining muscle mass gains while decreasing the chances of imbalances that could result in side effects like gynecomastia, mood swings or decreased libido.

Fluctuations in hormones can influence mood and emotional well being.

DHEA contributes to mood regulation by participating in estrogen and testosterone production. Incorporating DHEA into your routine can help manage mood swings and lower the risk of depression or anxiety triggered by imbalances following SARMs usage. This stabilising impact on mood is especially beneficial during PCT, a phase that many find challenging due to concerns about muscle loss and hormonal shifts.

Advantages of Using DHEA Supplements

1.Faster recovery:  DHEA plays a role in maintaining a proper hormonal balance, which can help with recovery post SARMs use preserving muscle gains and reducing recovery time.

2. Enhanced Emotional Health: DHEAs influence on mood and mental well being particularly when hormonal adjustments are made is essential for maintaining overall wellness and motivation.

3. Aid for Muscle Preservation: Through boosting testosterone production supplementing with DHEA can help in preserving the muscle mass obtained during a SARMs cycle.

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