Biaxol Supplements

Biaxol Supplements
Lab Reports

One of the main problems that exist when buying sports supplements is the veracity of the labels, many supplements do not contain the ingredients that they are supposed to carry or in lower doses and therefore not effective.


At Bioxal we want our clients to use the best possible ingredients at clinically effective doses, therefore we test each batch of supplements to show the client that the labels are accurate and the supplements have the correct ingredients at the correct doses, for this we use an independent third-party laboratory to analyze each batch of the product using the most cutting edge methods so the client can check for himself the quality of the products.


This is one of the many measures we take at Bioxal to ensure that our customers are only using the best, another advantage is our constant relationship with the ingredient traders, ensuring that we only get the best API available in the market at the best prices, giving us the opportunity of giving the best possible products, at the best possible prices avoiding cutting corners for greater profit.

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