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SARMs and women

I believe that SARMs are the best product that a woman could choose to use if she chooses to use any type of PED, in this article we will look at why and what doses could be considered safe.

PEDs and women

The use of PEDs in women has several very important advantages and disadvantages, the main advantage is that at very low doses the effectiveness is much greater compared to men, therefore they will lose more fat and gain more muscle in a much simpler way. The main disadvantage is that the abuse of PEDs causes a wide variety of side effects, the main one being virilization (hair loss, growth of hair on the body, deep voice, menstrual problems, virilization of facial features).

As we have seen, the use of PEDs has advantages and disadvantages if you are a woman, what would be the smartest thing a woman could do if she wanted to use ergogenic aids? Easy, use SARMs and now I’ll explain why.


The main advantage of SARMs is that they are highly selective with the tissues on which they exert their effects, this means that at moderate doses the probability of having side effects typical of other substances is much lower, if not almost impossible.
After certain doses, SARMs become less selective and will cause the same side effects as AAS, therefore you should always stay below the limit dose. In the specific case of women, it is proven both by science and empirically that the use of SARMs is the safest way for them to use some type of “external” help without risking unnecessary side effects, therefore, whenever If they remain below the limit dose, the possibility of adverse side effects will be very reduced.

Another great advantage is that if you are a woman you do not need to do any type of PCT or take anything during the cycle unlike men.


Based on experience and what was seen in clinical trials, the maximum doses would be the following:
Ostarine: 30mg per day
Ligandrol: 10mg per day
Rad140: 50mg per day.
Andarine: 50mg per day.
YK-11: I would not use it, since its chemical structure is more similar to that of an AAS than to that of a SARM, therefore there would be a greater risk of virilization.
MK-677: 25mg per day, does not negatively affect women, therefore they can use the same protocol as men.

Of all the compounds described above, my favorite is Ostarine, it is perfect for fat loss and muscle mass gain, and I have seen that it works very well in women, the rest are still very effective and depending on the objective they could be a better option, for example in the case of wanting to gain strength/volume Ligandrol would be a great option.

I would like to point out that the doses indicated above are the maximum doses, much lower doses can be used and obtain very good results.

Women and PCT

Thanks to the woman’s hormonal system, she does not need to perform a PCT, unlike what would happen with men. If you want to maintain the greatest amount of gains possible, it would be enough to continue using Ibutamoren a few weeks after the cycle, although this is not necessary.

In case of mood problems, it would be enough to use Pregnenolone in doses of 25 to 100 mg per day until you feel normal again.

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