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Visiting IFBB Professional League’s Festival

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On 10th and 11th November, Biaxol Supplements attended Romania’s “Muscle Fest Pro” as official brand ambassador. Biaxol Supplements sponsored 500 bodybuilders providing a special gift card from our store to congratulate each athlete for their incredible achievements.

Romania Muscle Fest

We’ve had a great time visiting Romania which is considered as one of Europe's bodybuilding capitals. Meeting hundreds of dedicated athletes was really inspiring not only to us personally but also to our brand in general. 

Our main goal visiting this kind of event was to introduce the professional world of bodybuilding to our brand which we most certainly managed to do. We talked about our company’s past, present and future: how we created our brand, who we are & what we stand by, and what are our plans for the future. We also communicated about our product line of SARMs, DMAA Pre-Workout Booster and the upcoming products to come: Fat burners, Caffeine Nasal Sprays and others.

We came to understanding that the current market of sports supplements is lacking innovative, safe, tested brands that manufacturers and delivers products with utmost attention to every detail. The bar needs to be raised and this is what Biaxol Supplements are here for.

Next year we already planned attendance for two more events: Mastern Olympia and Olympia Amateur in the last weekend of August. We expect a lot of athletes, public attention and sponsors, so we will keep our hopes high that you will be able to join us at that point.

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